Tour Summary -Facts & Figures

Car Facts:-

Total Mileage 5,367 Fuel used 1057.67 litres = 232.66 gallons Cost £1495.54p

MPG 23.07. Maintenance 1 set rear brake pads €250.00 fitted.

Ferry Crossings x 7 = £787.46 inc 3 over night crossings.

Accommodation Costs 29 nights £1842.46 - Average £63.54 per night on land.

Cash & Credit Card Spend for food, tolls, gifts, tips etc. £2978.46

Trip Total £7,104.32

Trip Blog was put together using Simple Site, and costs £34.95 per quarter to keep live. 
very simple to use only draw back was being locked out twice during the tour as safety measure to prevent site being hijacked by third parties and is site volume activated, requiring Simple Site email contact to release in order to continue uploads to the Blog!