Castelvetrano new rear brake pads and Last Night in Baffo’s

On returning from Erice, the brake pad wear warning light came on & went off. Texting Gary Sorrell and Brian Glover for educated guess on how many miles I could expect produced an estimate but advised getting checked/replaced. After a local brake shop guided us to the most suitable garage who were helpful but 2 lots of 10 minutes took 2 hours to confirm they could get the pads & fit that afternoon, bring it back at 3pm (it was now 1pm) meant using up 2 hrs (Town centre visit) then 2 more hours to kill - shopping briefly new top for Colleen and late lunch at MacDonalds, at last after 3 weeks of Pasta and Pizza a big mac and Mcflurry!!

We get better tastier menu's in UK Italian restaurants than in Italy! Having said that Pizza’s at Baffo’s were really good, so we went back for our farewell meal and were well received by the staff who were now aware of their internet fame!