DAY 17 Brings us to the half way point of our tour, having driven 2,790 miles.

We are one day into our four day stay in Cursi and have now driven 2,790 miles so far on some very varied roads and variety of drivers!

Italy without a doubt depending on your view point have been the worst drivers, I say view point because as bad as they are we've seen no accidents as yet, but plenty of cars with battle scars! It would appear there are only 2 rules when it comes to driving in Italy?

1. There are NO RULES!!

2. Give way even if you should have the right of way, they don't!

Discipline is alien to Italian driving culture, at busy roundabouts or junctions just stick your bonnet slowly out onto the traffic stream until you've forced someone to give way is how it works over here! They do manage to park in some very tight spaces where street parking is concerned, the car damage no doubt a result of those not so good at it?