Trip so Far Things we Learnt!

1. The Euro Zone is expensive, food, drink & petrol are all more expensive than the UK, more so with the Euro being nearly on par with the pound!

2. Motorways are good & fast but tolls are expensive when doing distance well over €100 to get down to Genoa from Dunkirk.

3. Avoid Mont Blanc tunnel if you can, expensive at just under €46 and if you are unlucky at busy times que for an hour!

4. Corsica is an affluent island with a surprising amount traffic and mainly single carriage way roads through many villages making for long journey times relative to shortish distances. Many roads are quite narrow and thanks to it’s mountainous geography are twisty up hill down dale affairs, making for very poor mpg. The island has a rugged beauty about it with breathtaking views, the people in the main are very friendly and helpfull. stay much longer in different locations or one central location near good roads.